Student Affairs Division

Central to the University’s mission of assisting students in their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral development.


The Student Affairs Division of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office is located in a building near the Physical Planning Unit and opposite the School of Postgraduate Studies at Ugbowo Campus. The Division is central to the University’s mission of assisting students in their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral development.

The Student Affairs Division is responsible for the quality of the informal learning environment that students experience in the University community. Its functions which are administrative, educational, and supportive include:

  1. Meeting students’ basic needs such as accommodation in the hall of residence;
  2. Providing essential services such as financial assistance through information on bursaries, scholarships and loans;
  3. Promotion of healthy environment on campus by caring for the psychological and developmental needs through sporting activities and professional counselling and advising;
  4. Augmenting the academic experience through the provision of productive, recreational, cultural and social activities.

The primary concern of the Student Affairs Division is the student. In cooperative efforts with students, Faculties and other administrative units of the University, the Division endeavors to provide the atmosphere and humane relationship that are essential for the students’ overall adjustment, provision of equal opportunity to realize their potential as enlightened individuals and responsible members of society.

The mission of the Student Affairs Division is to provide conducive environment and orientation of students, their welfare, and their development. Implicitly, the Division takes cognizance of changing interests and needs of students, and endeavours to adapt its programmes appropriately to their orderly development at the University.

When students are in doubt about any matter, they should consult the Student Affairs Division. The Division will be glad to offer necessary advice and information.

The Division is divided into sections, namely: Halls of residence handled by the Dean’s office; Prizes/Scholarships/Bursary Award/Orientation/Students’ Welfare; National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) mobilization; Clearance; and Student Union Election/Registration of Association.

100 Level students at the Fresh students orientation program
100 Level students at the Fresh students orientation program

University of Benin Policies

Dean Student Affairs Division

Welcome Address

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the University of Benin, one of the most sought after public Universities in Nigeria. As you begin another phase of your academic pursuit, it is expected that you organize your time, tasks and take responsibility of your actions and inactions. It is important you obey school regulations, attend every class in every course you registered for, do your assignments and submit before deadline.

 The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs is committed to working with you and encourages you to take full advantage of the opportunities you will find in this University. If you have doubts on what to do and where to do it, this office is there for you. Feel very comfortable to walk to the offices or call when necessary to seek clarification.

The office oversees students’ activities, their Student Union and socio-cultural organizations, residential life of students, grievance issues among students and their Associations as well as other sundry issues related to students.

I advise you to study hard in order for you to realize your dreams.

Thank you


Routine Activities

There are eight major routine areas of activities in the Student Affairs Division, viz

University of Benin provides accommodation for fresh and returning students; especially those from other States, to enable them carry out their academic pursuit. The University has two categories of hostels in both campuses (Ugbowo and Ekehuan). They are:

  • Undergraduate hostels
  • Postgraduate hostels

Accommodation is done on-line with the help of CRPU reduce the stress of students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) queuing to pay for their maintenance charges.

This unit is saddled with the following responsibilities:                                            

  1. To certify that all out-going students meet the requirements for clearance to enable them collect their statement of results and certificates.
  2. To clear all graduating students who come for clearance from all the Faculties in the university.

Verification of clearance papers sent from Exams and Records Division.

This unit is responsible for facilitating Scholarship awards to academically outstanding students in the University. Different organisations also render financial assistance to indigent students who are in dire need. The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for the processing of all kinds of awards from different state governments, Federal governments, Organizations,  Foundations, Clubs, NGO’s and individuals that are willing to support in various ways.

Student Affairs Division

Actively involved in student development


The NYSC unit of Student Affairs Division handles mobilization of graduates of the University of Benin for the mandatory one year National Youth Service Corps. The activities are geared towards ensuring that only bona fide students of the University are mobilized, hence the painstaking and rigorous scrutiny of all potential Corp Members. The scrutiny process involves collation of Senate approved results, processing of relevant data, and the presentation of both soft and hard copies at the National Youth Service Corps Headquarters, Abuja. The CRPU plays significant role in the effort aimed at ensuring that details of fake students as well as those indebted to the University are identified and deleted from mobilization list.


Orientation Programme in University of Benin is the first official meeting of the Fresh Students, with the Dean of Students and the Management of the University. The aims of the Orientation programme are: • To officially welcome the fresh Students to the University. • To officially hand the Fresh Students to the different arms and services of the University such as the members of the Management Team of University of Benin, Security Department, Health Services Department, Guidance and Counselling unit, the approved Religious Worshiping centres for Christians and Muslims, etc.


The Student Affairs Division is vested with the responsibility of conducting elections into the various positions in the Halls of residence and overseeing the Students Union elections, which comprises of the parliament and the Executive Council. In addition, the Division inaugurates a judicial arm of the Students Union. The Executive Council is vested with the responsibility of carrying out the day to day running of the Union and is accountable to the parliament. Election into the parliamentary arm is also conducted by the divisionit is made up of • The elected students’ representatives from all the Faculties in the university. • All mayors/chairpersons of undergraduate halls of residence. • Members of Executive Council who have no voting rights. The Electoral Council is independent of any organ of the union and is charged with the responsibility of organizing and effectively supervising all union elections and bye-elections. The electoral commission consists of the following: • Chief electoral Officer and the chairman (Vice chancellor) • Alternate Chairman (Dean of Students); • One representative from each Faculty in the University who has gone through security clearance by the Dean of students; • A Secretary appointed by parliament from among members of the commission.


The Division is also responsible for issuing introduction letters to various Embassies on behalf of students


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