The Student Affairs Division is central to the University’s mission of assisting students in their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral development. The Division’s functions which are administrative, educational, and supportive include:

  • Meeting students’ basic needs such as accommodation, feeding arrangements and transport;
  • Providing essential services such as financial assistance through information on bursaries and scholarships;
  • Promotion of healthy environment on campus by caring for the psychological and developmental needs through sporting activities and professional counselling.

There are eight major routine areas of activities in the Student Affairs Division, viz:

  • Hostel Accommodation
  • Issuance of Clearance Certificate to Graduating students
  • Bursary/Scholarship Award
  • N.Y.S.C. Mobilization
  • Introduction Letter to Embassies
  • Conduct of Students Union Elections
  • Orientation for Fresh Students
  • Registration of Clubs and Associations.