The Student Affairs Division is vested with the responsibility of conducting elections into the various positions in the Halls of residence and overseeing the Students Union elections, which comprises of the parliament and the Executive Council. In addition, the Division inaugurates a judicial arm of the Students Union. The Executive Council is vested with the responsibility of carrying out the day to day running of the Union and is accountable to the parliament.

Election into the parliamentary arm is also conducted by the division it is made up of

  • The elected students’ representatives from all the Faculties in the university.
  • All mayors/chairpersons of undergraduate halls of residence.
  • Members of Executive Council who have no voting rights.

The Electoral Council is independent of any organ of the union and is charged with the responsibility of organizing and effectively supervising all union elections and bye-elections.

The electoral commission consists of the following:

  • Chief electoral Officer and the chairman (Vice chancellor)
  • Alternate Chairman (Dean of Students);
  • One representative from each Faculty in the University who has gone through security clearance by the Dean of students;
  • A Secretary appointed by parliament from among members of the commission.